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Today’s men are expected to be strong, independent and resistant
to emotional stress. Did you know that men are five times more likely
to commit suicide than women? Men are three times more likely to
suffer from heart attacks as well. These are sobering statistics when
you add to them that some men tend to express feelings via substance
abuse and domestic violence.

Men are clearly in need of support, but may not have learned the
balance between self-reliance and when to reach out for support.
This imbalance is responsible for many of the emotional and be-
havioral difficulties that men experience. Men seek professional
support far less than women, or the suicide rate would not be five
times higher than the rate of suicide for women.

A pained man must first learn to cherish and care for himself. Next,
he can learn how to include caring for others with himself while learn-
ing the interplay between self-reliance and when to ask for support.

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