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Taking on the responsibility of a child can be both exhilarating
and exhausting. While the rewards of raising a healthy, well-
adjusted child are evident, each family must find the right path
that fits their family needs and philosophy. Each family comes
with its own set of specific needs. Parent-child relationships vary.
I pay special attention to varying family needs.

There are four situations that each parent must face:

• preparing to become a parent
• taking control of your children's life
• when good kids act bad
• letting them leave the nest
I have assembled a number of resources to help parents who
are looking for support at each of these crossroads.

Whether you are readying yourself for the birth of your first child
or preparing to watch your son or daughter enter the world as an
adult, chances are you could use some insight and support. Click
the appropriate button for a list of resources that deal directly
with your specific situation. If you find that you still have questions,
please contact me.

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