Evan's Coaching Journey

Let go of what's not working, and pick up new skills.

Answer The Call To Get On The Adventure

Hearing a call to do something different? Are you ready to commit to the challenge of shifting your life?

Create a Map of the Terrain

This is your life! Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience? How do you want things to be different in your life?

What Tools Do You Have/Need?

Let go of what's not working, and pick up new skills. Recognize & own the infinite resources and power already within you.

Training & Prep

Work with your Guide, practice new skills in a safe place.Integrate all that you are learning. Be more than ready & prepared for your next big assignment.

Walk the Talk

Living in integrity and in alignment with your authentic self, true purpose and mission.

Getting To The Summit

Living a heart centered life of love, power, freedom and purpose. outside of the Man Box. …Rinse & Repeat!

The Man Box

The Way of The Old Warrior
Power & Control
Aggression & Dominance
fear of the feminine
boys & real men don't cry

Step Out of the
The Man Box

the way of the new warrior
power & wisdom
courage & compassion
love of the feminine
boys & real men cry, a lot
....create your mansformation

The answers are within you.
You embody the principles and values we create for you with your business, family, relationships, health and self.

-Evan Daily, M.A., CP, LMFT.

Are you reclaiming all that is good in you as a man?

Take your own personal journey with me to start living to your full potential and stepping out of The Man Box.