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You embody the principles and values we create for you with your business, family, relationships, health and self.


A kinder, safer more loving world of more powerfully connected and heart centered men


To awaken men to their own magnificent and authentic selves through the art, science and practice of the deep and sacred masculine


To create a world of greater gentle-loving-kindness by connecting men to their own fiercely loving hearts and minds.

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Barry Alden Clark

Barry Alden Clark, Writer, Producer, Coach

As a Coach myself, I’m picky, and somewhat resistant to other Coaches, but not Evan. His warmth, years of experience as a therapist, and razor sharp awareness’s of my authentic gifts were undeniable. Sometimes being seen is the most healing of experiences, and Evan sees, cut right through my story, and assisted me in seeing more clearly, the truth of who I am. That’s a little bit of a miracle if you ask me.

Laura Segal

Laura Segal, M.A., Life Coach

When I showed up to work with Evan, I felt frustrated, stuck and completely out of touch with my business and life. Evan supported me in rediscovering that my success is about much more than just me – it’s about my whole community – me and everyone I touch. Evan introduced me to the radical notion that sometimes the most powerful next step toward my dreams looks not like pushing and clawing my way forward, but like dropping my fighting stance and accepting exactly where I am. He held up a loving mirror for me to show me that the only thing missing from my life was more of my loving heart and authenticity. I’m truly transformed, and I feel reconnected to my purpose.

Heathere Evans

Heathere Evans, Executive Coach

Evan has a coaching style that is so centered in deep listening and he has an ability to profoundly love the client in front of him. In one of our sessions, I came to Evan with a challenging situation where my emotions were high, and he was able to create a safe container that allowed me to express alot of emotion– grief, regret, confusion–as he was deeply listening to me and allowing ALL of that emotion to be ok. At the end, he presented a transformative idea for me to consider that was life changing. He reminded me of my own capacity, and that is remarkable.